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LanguageBookings brings you online bookings at thousand of language courses destinations worldwide. Check out our to the minute schoool reviews, view photograhps and read detailed descriptions of all our courses and accommodations. Confirmed reservations at a selection of language schools in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Oceania.
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Language Courses in Europe

Austria: Learn German

Belarus: Learn Russian

France: Learn French

Georgia: Learn Georgian, Learn Russian

Germany: Learn English, Learn German, Learn French

Greece: Learn English, Learn Greek

Ireland: Learn English, Learn Spanish, Learn French, Learn Italian, Learn German

Italy: Learn Italian

Kazakhstan: Learn Italian

Latvia: Learn Russian

Malta: Learn English

Poland: Learn Polish

Portugal: Learn Portuguese

Russia: Learn Russian

Spain: Learn Chinese Mandarin, Learn German, Learn French, Learn Spanish, Learn English

Switzerland: Learn English, Learn French, Learn German, Learn Portuguese, Learn Spanish, Learn Russian, Learn Italian

Turkey: Learn Turkish, Learn English

Ukraine: Learn Russian, Learn Spanish

United Kingdom: Learn Spanish, Learn English

Language Courses in North america

Barbados: Learn English

Canada: Learn English, Learn French

Costa Rica: Learn Spanish

Dominican Republic: Learn Spanish

Guatemala: Learn Spanish

Honduras: Learn Spanish

Jamaica: Learn English

Mexico: Learn Spanish

Panama: Learn Spanish

United States of America: Learn Spanish, Learn English

Language Courses in South america

Argentina: Learn Spanish

Bolivia: Learn Spanish

Brazil: Learn Portuguese

Chile: Learn Spanish

Colombia: Learn Spanish

Ecuador: Learn Spanish, Learn English

Peru: Learn Spanish

Uruguay: Learn Spanish

Language Courses in Oceania

Australia: Learn English

New Zealand: Learn English

Language Courses in Asia

China: Learn Chinese Mandarin

India: Learn English

Japan: Learn Japanese

Jordan: Learn Arabic

Malaysia: Learn Chinese Mandarin, Learn Arabic, Learn English, Learn Russian

Nepal: Learn Spanish

Philippines: Learn English

Taiwan: Learn Chinese Mandarin

Thailand: Learn English, Learn Thai

Language Courses in Africa

Egypt: Learn Arabic

South Africa: Learn English

Tunisia: Learn Arabic

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