Trust & Safety

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Trust & Safety

We are a marketplace that promotes trust and collaboration. These are just a few reasons why we have built the best ever class tools and services to surely assist and hone you into making the right decisions. Since life is about wonderful experiences, we want you to have experience that here too! Here’s how:





No surprises. Read reviews from other students and guests like yourself and learn about their own personal experiences. Then you can then decide which school or accommodation is PERFECT FOR YOU.

Guests are reviewed by those who have hosted them before and both can only leave reviews after they have a confirmed reservation.
Please note that these reviews were made by actually people and not computer generated or made up and most important the person who made the review has stayed, hosted and have been with another member or person in our community. Trusted reviews are the basis of a reputation system that fuels our community marketplace.



While reviews are the basis of the LanguageBookings reputation system, the references help people new to LanguageBookings get started building their reputation. Formerly known as recommendations, references are a complete enhancement to this feature. For you to find your acquaintance and for them to write you a reference, it will only take a simple click once you’re connected to Facebook.


Certified Hosts

Here at, we strive to provide our users with the highest level of both security and professionalism in the best way possible! All hosts which are listed have the chance to become certified and be able to validate their identity.
To get identified, the host will send us copies of important documents like their Ids, a utility bill and (if applicable) Criminal Records. We will then compare the documents received with the personal data which the host provided to us for registration. If it will match, then we’ll mark the host as certified on our website giving details of if we have checked the ID or the other documents. For security purposes, the documents will not be shown for public viewing.


School Quality

Your can easily review the quality seals and whether or not the school have been accredited by well-known associations to ensure that schools meet your expectations. We have an screening process where only a small percentage of schools interested in being represented on our website pass our thorough. Language schools must have a complaint procedure, and are contractually obliged to to respond to any written complaint within 48h.


Customer Support

If you will ever need assistance, you always call our customer support whether you are a host, a school, a guest or a student. Before, during and after your course, we are here for you. You can easily contact our experienced and friendly consultants. We’re always just a click away through e-mail, phone call, skype or even live chat!


Onsite Messaging

Acquaint yourself with potential hosts or schools, guess and even students with onsite messaging in which you can ask questions, lay out things you expect or just mingling with each other just for you to get comfortable before you make a reservation. If there’s a slight problem with your booking, you can certainly let us know right away or contact our customer support team for your concern to be addressed and remedied.


Secure Payments

While booking a course the student is charged only a deposit immediately, and the balance is paid to the school before the course start date. If something is wrong or just isn’t up to par, simply contact our support team who are ready to help.
While booking an accommodation the guest is charged only a deposit immediately, and the balance is paid to the host upon arrival. This gives international students the chance to meet their hosts and spot check their accommodations. If something is wrong or just isn’t up to par, simply contact our support team who are ready to help. As a host, you know you’re going to get what you’re owed, on time.


Credit Card Safety and Security

We take your financial and personal security very seriously, and our unique booking service is absolutely safe. All credit card and personal information is automatically encrypted using SSL encryption technology to ensure maximum privacy. Additional information may be found in our privacy statement.


More Informative Profiles

When you check a user’s profile, it gives you more insight about a potential host or school, guest or student. Also, through the profile you can check if the user has been certified, connected their Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter account and also if the majority of their review is positive and of course, you can always read their reviews and references as well.


Content Moderation

There is a dedicated team behind our new Community Flagging Tools which will investigate listings, messages, profiles and other user generated content from the community. This is for every member of the community so as to provide security. We strive to maintain a safe and trustworthy marketplace. If you find suspicious messages or activity, you can always flag it for our team to take action.


Security Technology

Just for you to be safe, we have designed secure ways which will protect you from suspicious users and alternatively quarantine them before they can ever contact you or anyone for that matter.

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Why use languagebookings ?

No booking fees
We do not charge students any booking fees for courses, accommodation or other services.
Low prices
You never pay more than you would pay by booking directly with the foreign language school abroad.
Organised information
You will find all course details, photos and reviews by many students to help you choose the perfect course for you.
Easy online booking
You can book all services easily and quickly from the comfort of your home — without any expensive phone calls or hassle.
Perfect security
We work with Paypal to guarantee your personal information and credit card details are always safe and secure with us.
Quality control
All the language schools we offer they have years of experience, so you can choose from the very best courses available.