We have selected the best English language courses for executives, professionals, directors and young employees. The specialised courses,can be done in a short or long period of time and will definitely have a positive impact on the development of your English language skills.  A maximum amount of progress in a minimum amount of time and really effective language training. Language Bookings offers an extensive range of specialised English courses  to help fast-track the development of new language knowledge and skills.
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English for Doctors
English for Doctors courses »

This programme combines a medical English Language course with a career development service specifically designed to support doctors, nurses and medical professionals working on the health sector. ...

Business English
Business English courses »

Nowadays excellent English language skills are an essential requirement in the business world in order to get ahead professionally. Business English courses are designed to widen your knowledge of specific vocabulary in a w...

English for Teachers
English for Teachers courses »

We offer English Language Teacher Training courses in Teaching to Speakers of Other Languages. Our courses have been designed to provide trainees with the essential skills and experience necessary to operate effectively in the E...

These courses are designed for people who want to learn or improve their English language skills with a specific focus on the tourism field, especia...

Lawyers use English language with particular care and need to be certain that a English language course will enable them to communicate accurately a...

Training focuses on aviation English language development in context.

In today’s global economy, multi-national companies continue to expand their exposure through complicated and diverse marketing campaigns.

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