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Intensive Turkish Language Course

Babil International Language School , Antalya, Turkey

General Turkish 20 lessons per week

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Intensive Turkish Language Course
Course hours
09:00 - 12:30
Days of the course
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
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€60.84 Mandatory and not included tooltip

Levels: Beginner, Elementary - Level A1, Pre-Intermediate - Level A2, Intermediate - Level B1, Upper Intermediate - Level B2, Advanced - Level C1

You can generally start this course every first Monday of the month. You can book 1 to 12 weeks. EU, UK, USA and related citizens do not need a visa; the 90 days tourist visa is enough for this course. The class plan is 5 days a week, Monday-Friday, 9:00-12:30 or 13:00-16:30.

The beginner course start dates are:
2017: jan 2, feb 06, march 6, apr 3, may 1, june 05, july 3, aug 7, sep 4, oct 2, nov 6, dec 4.

We charge 20 USD per week high season fee for school between June-August.

In the beginner class, the language is English and Turkish. The other classes are conducted in Turkish. To create more interest in the Turkish language; we use history of Turkey, cultural aspects, internationally known songs in Turkish, poems and fairy tales etc. For example at the end of the course the student memorizes a Turkish song and a poem.

Babil International Language School

balbey mahallesi cengiz toytunc caddesi bakirci hafiz ish no 42 kat 4 daire 26, Antalya, Turkey

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  • Babil International Language School

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Facilities 89%
Location 96%
Fun 93%
Teaching 97%

Individual student reviews about Babil International Language School

15 reviews

General information: Babil International Language School

Number of classrooms: 3

Average nº of student per classroom: 6

Minimum student age: 5

Level test on first day:

Distance from the airport: 15 km.

Closest airport: Antalya

Year school opened: 2008

School opening times: 8:30 - 19:00

School close dates: Show


After class/extra curricular seminars
Audio learning
Car parking
Coffee shop
Computer room
Cultural trips
Eating area
Fax service
Free internet access
Internet WIFI
Printing service
Self study material
Snack machines
Social activities
Student room
Study room
Table games
Tea / Coffee

Accreditations and quality seals

Student information

•Lessons: The courses are from Monday to Friday, morning or afternoon. 1 group lesson is 50 minutes. 1 one


•one lesson is 60 minutes, if there are 2 or more classes at once then there will be 10 minutes break between the lessons. Minimum age for adult groups is 18. On the first day or before, we will provide a placement test and put you in a class where we think it fits with your abilities. Sometimes it is hard to put everyone in a group class with students at exactly same level, because of level differences in some schools/different subject studies/books/school programs etc. If you think the group level is not suitable for you, then there is always the option of private lessons. You will get a certificate of completion at the end of your course. In the beginner group courses, English is the language for explanations. We may provide French, German and Russian speaking teachers for group lessons depending on the demand. We can provide private lessons with an English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Arabic speaking teacher. We offer courses for different levels. If you are the only student in the group class, then we will provide private lessons (4 lessons per week) instead. Registration and Payment: We have to receive your passport copy, enrolment form and deposit payment of 100 $. After that we will send you a course confirmation and invoice. The rest of the fees must be paid 2 weeks before the course starts. For academic courses with a student visa, we charge a non

•refundable enrollment fee of 150 USD for notary, enrollment and post fees. Prices: Students are strongly advised to contact the school for price confirmation. All fees are subject to the foreign exchange rates. The prices quoted are correct at the time of publication and must only be used as a guide as they may be subject to change due to course and housing availability and exchange rate fluctuations. Additional charges may apply. Cancellation: Cancellations must be notified in writing to the school. If it is cancelled 3

•4 weeks before the course start, we deduct enrollment fee of 100 USD and refund the rest. If it is cancelled 2 weeks before the course start, 90% of the course and accommodation will be refunded. If it is cancelled 1 week before the course start, 80% of the course and accommodation will be refunded. Also for the cancellations less than a week before the course, the accommodation fees will not be refunded during busy summer months (June

•August). Delays and non

•arrivals must be notified as soon as possible. For cancellations due to visa rejections, a written notification and receipt of relevant supporting documentation must be presented to the school at least 10 days before the arrival date listed on the booking confirmation form. Upon receipt of relevant supporting documentation, 100% of the tuition, accommodation fees will be refunded excluding visa processing fee and bank charges. A cancellation fee equivalent to 1 week of accommodation and tuition will apply if we receive written evidence of visa rejection less than 10 days prior to the arrival date. In all cases, no refunds will be made after the arrival date/course start date listed on the booking confirmation form. In all cases, the express mail fee, accommodation placement fee, visa registration fee, bank transfer or credit card fees, differences due to currency exchange rate changes, and any other service charges are non

•refundable. Students who terminate their program may not be eligible to receive a certificate of completion or course fee refund. If you book a transfer, you must send the arrival details (flight company, flight number, arrival time) 1 week before the course start date. We will not provide the transfer if there are more than 2 hours of delay, the flight times must be between 08:00

•24:00. The school has the right to cancel the course 4 weeks before the course start date and will provide a full refund. Turkish Ministry of Education says, you can have a group course with 8 students minimum yet we have groups with fewer students. We have the right to change or cancel the courses, start dates, start time etc. and will duly inform the students. Long term courses start in Oct, Nov, Dec and January, if there are not enough students then we will provide private lessons of 4 lesson per week. One


•one lessons can only be cancelled one day before the class at the latest. Babil International Language School reserves the right to change information on the website and brochure without prior notice. Public Holidays: Our school is closed on public holidays in Turkey. In Turkey, we do not celebrate Christmas therefore, we do not have a holiday except Jan 1st, if the majority of students in the group want a break for one week during that period we will accommodate your requirements and we will not deduct this from your booking but will add those lessons you miss during the holiday. Health insurance: The students should have insurance for personal insurance, loss damage, emergency etc.

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Terms & Conditions: Babil International Language School

- Services must be paid in full 14 days before the course starts in order to complete the enrolment and secure a place in the course and/or accommodation.
- Bookings are not transferable.
- Bank charges are payable by students

Cancellation policy

- The cancellation needs to be communicated in writing to the school by the person who booked the course.
- No course changes will be allowed to make up for refunds in the case of course cancellations.
- The deposit is non-refundable.
- Enrolment fee is non-refundable.
- The registration fee is non-refundable.
- Accommodation booking fee is non-refundable.
- No refund will be made for shortening the course duration after the payment.
- There is no refund for any cancellation once the course has commenced.
- After a course has started there is no refund for any accommodation or other item booked.
- No tuition refunds are given for late arrivals, early departures or absences, for whatever reason, from classes during any course.

Refund policy

- 1- No refunds whatsoever are given for cancellations.

Visa refusal

- In case a visa is refused to the student, the school will charge 140 Euro and the remaining balance will be refunded to the student upon receipt of an original VISA refusal letter.

Other terms

Please see our terms and conditions above, in info for students. 150 USD student visa handling fee is non-refundable.
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