Eduitalia - Eduitalia International Education

Eduitalia - Eduitalia International Education
Eduitalia is an Association of Schools and Universities that offers courses to foreign students.
The Association offers students worldwide a vast selection of course offerings available in some of Italy’s most beautiful cities.
Our mission is to emphasize and disseminate overseas the courses available in Italian Schools and Universities.
EDUITALIA contributes to stimulating cultural tourism, as well as facilitating the arrival of students in Italy, dedicating itself to:
• Allowing the possibility of Schools and Universities to increase the number of foreign student attendance
• Promoting “Made in Italy” at main international events and fairs
• Guaranteeing assistance towards the foreign student
• Sensitizing institutions towards the culture industry
• Favoring quality information that is constantly updated

List of schools

A Door to Italy - Italiano per Stranieri

Via Caffaro 4, Genoa, 12 Show Map

The Italian Language School for Foreigners A DOOR TO ITALY, established in 2002, was the first institution teaching Italian a... Learn more »

Centro Machiavelli

Piazza Santo Spirito, 4, Florence, 12 Show Map

The Italian language school Machiavelli is located in the historic centre of Florence. Focusing on creating a friendly and pl... Learn more »

Ciao Italia

Via delle Frasche 5, Italy, 84 Show Map

CIAO ITALIA is a centre that specialises in teaching Italian to foreigners which was founded in 1996 by graduate teachers spe... Learn more »


Via Alfonso Lamarmora, 31, Turin, 12 Show Map

The school is specialized in teaching Italian language for foreigners and it is ASILS, AIL and Eduitalia’s member and has b... Learn more »

Club Italiano Dante Alighieri

Piazza Bologna 1, Rome, 12 Show Map

The Rome Language Centre of the Dante Alighieri group was formed in 1994 and specialises in teaching Italian language and cul... Learn more »

ELLCI Milano - Scuola di Lingua Italiana

Via Paganini 18, Milan, 12 Show Map

Established in 1988, ELLCI is one of the most prestigious Italian language and culture schools in Italy for foreigners from a... Learn more »

Eurocentres Florence

Palazzo Guadagni, Florence, 12 Show Map

The city of Florence, birthplace of the Renaissance, is an open air art gallery with numerous world famous artistic masterpie... Learn more »

Europass Italian Language School

Via Sant'Egidio 12, Florence, 12 Show Map

Europass is the most vibrant and joyful Italian language school in Florence! Its cosy atmosphere, the friendly and informal t... Learn more »

Federico II - Centro lingua italiana

via Piave 4, Sicily, 12 Show Map

Our Italian Language School is located in Catania, the most lively city in Eastern coast of Sicily, the biggest island in the... Learn more »

Il Centro

Via Ponte Vetero, 21, Milan, 12 Show Map

Il Centro was founded in 1986 and remains one of the oldest and best-respected schools of Italian specifically for foreigners... Learn more »

Il Sasso

Via di Gracciano nel Corso, 2, Montepulciano, 12 Show Map

One of the best Italian Language Schools in Italy, Il Sasso is located in Montepulciano, a charming Renaissance town in the h... Learn more »

ILS Italian Language School

Vico Antonio Sforza, 18, Otranto, 12 Show Map

ILS, is one of Italy's most outstanding Italian language schools, is situated in a nice residential district, in a newly reno... Learn more »

L'Italiano Porticando

Via Pietro Micca, 20, Turin, 12 Show Map

L'Italiano Porticando, situated in a beautiful eighteenth century building in the historic city centre, the “Quadrilatero R... Learn more »

Sant'Anna Institute - Sorrento Lingue

via Marina Grande 16, Sorrento, 12 Show Map

Sant’Anna Institute – Sorrento Lingue (SASL) is an international institute accredited by the Italian Ministry of Educatio... Learn more »

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Firenze

via Santo Spirito 11
, Florence, 12 Show Map

The Scuola Leonardo da Vinci is situated in a beautiful historical "palazzo" with a magnificent view of the Catheral in the h... Learn more »

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Milano

via C. Darwin 20, Milan, 12 Show Map

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci is located inside a student campus together with two fashion and design academies in the Navigli zon... Learn more »

Scuola Tricolore

Via Edilio Raggio 1/ 3, Genoa, 12 Show Map

In the scenic centre of Genoa, just a short walk from the seafront, Scuola Tricolore occupies a beautifully restored historic... Learn more »

Solemar Academy

Via M.C. Tomasini 5, Sicily, 12 Show Map

Solemar Academy is a school based in Cefalu just 300m from the beach. The school has 4 big rooms and has been recently renova... Learn more »

Torre di Babele

Via Cosenza 7, Rome, 12 Show Map

The Italian language school, "Torre di Babele", is officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education and has been in... Learn more »


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