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The commission-based model we use with our language schools is the preferred sales model in the language school industry and guarantees a long-term, mutually beneficial business relationship with the language schools and our partners.

Our Affiliate partners are offered the possibility of using the entire database of language schools, or just a selection in order to satisfy any specific niches used by the affiliate partner in their websites or blogs. The school content can be integrated with the "look and feel" of the affiliate partner's own page in order to maintain their brand identity. supports HTML and intermediate integration solutions for its affiliates. Our affiliates benefit from converting branded pages or using co-branded solutions

You can start profiting from a site with the highest revenue earning potential in the language school industry. By combining your quality traffic with our language courses offer so the revenue you can achieve, are maximised.

Why become a partner of

  • Join for free, no obligations
  • Earn commission from 20% up to 35% for each materialised course booking over transaction commission, not a fixed amount
  • Excellent selection, choice and a guarantee of the best rates in language courses and services
  • No extra fees for students which increases conversion rates
  • Unique, direct relationship with many language schools
  • Multilingual content and currency conversion included as part of our offering
  • Many 'deep linking' options for any language, country, city, school and more
  • High flexibility in private label and co-branded implementations for our affiliates
  • Technical assistance and support by account managers on the team
  • Call centre support for your referral students
  • Guaranteed payments of student enrolments
  • 24/7 online statistics in our online affiliate extranet
  • Real time reservation process with on-screen confirmation and direct email confirmation from language schools
  • Student reviews from actual students to drive customer loyalty and increase conversion


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Why use languagebookings ?

No booking fees
We do not charge students any booking fees for courses, accommodation or other services.
Low prices
You never pay more than you would pay by booking directly with the foreign language school abroad.
Organised information
You will find all course details, photos and reviews by many students to help you choose the perfect course for you.
Easy online booking
You can book all services easily and quickly from the comfort of your home — without any expensive phone calls or hassle.
Perfect security
We work with Paypal to guarantee your personal information and credit card details are always safe and secure with us.
Quality control
All the language schools we offer they have years of experience, so you can choose from the very best courses available.