• No need of Student Visa to study English in the UK

    A new visa rule came into force on Tuesday October 1st which permits visitors to the UK, on either a tourist or business visa, to study English when they are here on a visit or on business. In effect, this new ruling means visitors, within these visa categories, can study up to six weeks at an accredited and government approved English language school. Visitors can study in one six week block, or smaller blocks of time, provided the study period doesn’t exceed six weeks.... ver más

  • Study and Work in Australia

    I bet many of you have thought about the possibility of discovering the gorgeous continent of Australia while studying English; but what if we tell you that you can also work there? Which types of visa could I apply for? In order to be able to work legally you should hold one of these two visas: Working Holiday Visa or Student Visa.... ver más

  • Work and Study in Canada

    Yes! You’ve read well! Now you can go to Canada and study English or French with the possibility of paying for your studies. All this is thanks to the Coop program that allow us to offer you these great experiences here!   ... ver más

  • Portuguese in Brazil - attend the FIFA and the Olympic Games

    Learn Portuguese in Rio de Janeiro - the Brazilian city of contrasts. I guess you all know that the FIFA World Cup is taking place this next year 2014 in Brazil and also the Olympic Games are being held by Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Because of these two important events many people are very interested in travelling there, and not only that, but also in learning the local language: Portuguese ... ver más

  • My year in the United States

    In continuation with my previous post about Ireland, I must say that thanks to that experience at 15, I decided to enroll another fantastic adventure at 19, this time in the USA. I have always been passionate for languages, especially English. 6 weeks in Ireland + the lessons I took at an academy in my home town were not enough for me to feel comfortable with my level of English. A longer period and being surrounded by native speakers is needed to master any language. This was the reason that led me to travel to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean for a year. ... ver más

  • How to keep healthy abroad?

    One of the most important thigs when travelling abroad is your health. Make sure that you need to be healthy in order to enjoy every minute of your experience. Before you leave, please talk  to your doctor. He can inform you which vaccinations you will need for your stay in a foreign country. He can also give you some general tips about what you should consider in order to keep healthy abroad.... ver más

  • What do I pack in my suitcase?

    To decide what to pack in your suitcase might become a challenge; what kind of clothes should I bring? for warm weather, for cold weather, which documents to prepare, personal things I would need ... etc. Many things that should fit in a small amount of weight and size ... We are aware of that and we want to give you a few tips you might find very helpful. ... ver más

  • Do I need insurance to travel abroad?

    Yes, you need! To be insuranced abroad is very important. LanguageBookings.com does not provide any travel insurance; however, we strongly recommend you to get an individual health and travel insurance to avoid problems on destination. Thanks to them you will be safe and taken care of in case anything happens.... ver más

  • How much money would you spend abroad?

    Languagebookings.com recommends students to do their homework on budgeting in a foreign country while getting ready to fly overseas to study abroad. Make a list of everything you can think of that you will need to pay for on a daily basis. Don’t forget to include accommodation, meals, transport and some extra money in case of emergency. Also, it can be worth your while to check out some money waist belt. ... ver más

  • What is the best website to book cheap flights?

    LanguageBookings.com does not book flights for our students however we can advise you to check some of the many airfare sites available.... ver más

  • Are the meals included in the accommodation?

    Depending on the accommodation you choose abroad you will have from none to several meals per day. The possibilities are: full board, half board, bed and breakfast or self-catering.  Please find the meaning of the different boards below:... ver más

  • Learn a language abroad: 5 reasons why

    Why studying a language abroad? It is obvious that managing languages is a potent tool for any person. Not only because it will allow you to gain better professional opportunities, but also because it will give you the power to communicate with people of different cultures and exchange visions with them.... ver más

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