AMACFE - Asociación Madrileña de Centros de Formación en la UE

AMACFE - Asociación Madrileña de Centros de Formación en la UE

AMACFE defined itself as business-oriented professional association whose main purpose is to represent, defend and promote the economic, social, cultural professionals and our affiliates.

The origins of AMACFE, dating back to March 1988 when a group of businessmen in Madrid dedicated to the world of education decided to join in order to group together all the private schools and training center dedicated to the same activity are represented by an organization to defend their interests. Thus was born the Madrid Association of Private Schools, AMAP

Over time, due to the needs arising in the field of non-formal education, the statutes and the name of the association underwent a change as a result of their adaptation to changing times and renamed the Madrid Association of Training Centres in the EU.

The business character is reinforced by being the training sector within the business organization CISM (Madrid Business Confederation). Regarding our territorial jurisdiction, certiorari AMACFE is a regional character in the field of the Community of Madrid. However, all training tasks have national coverage, to be integrated into the Spanish Confederation of Private Schools, CECAP.

Today AMACFE remains faithful to the original aims of education is therefore considered in all areas as a prestigious institution in the field of training, accredited to carry out training people training to develop their skills .

In association grouped training centers dedicated to each and every one of the areas covered by the Non-Formal Education in the Autonomous Community of Madrid, including recovery of small schools and student support, to those which collect all university areas , including sectors such as Oppositions, Languages, Computer, Driver Education, Automotive, Media, Tourism, Vocational School, Hair & Beauty, Secretariat, Administrative and Fiscal Management, and Plumbing Trades Preparers, Hospitality, Power, etc..

All Training and Education Centre Private College that is within our Community has no place in AMACFE. In fact we can say that in each and every one of the municipalities with a population over 25,000 inhabitants, there are training centers AMACFE Associates, this number is increasing thus having partners in many municipalities of the Community of Madrid.

List of schools

Don Quijote Madrid

Duque de Liria 6, Madrid, 8 Show Map

The don Quijote Spanish school facilities are housed in the lower 3 floors of a historic building; they are spread throughout... Learn more »

Don Quijote Tenerife

Avda. de Colón 14 (Edificio Bélgica¿), Tenerife, 112 Show Map

The don Quijote Spanish language school in Tenerife is located on the Edificio Belgica, a traditional Canarian-style building... Learn more »

Don Quijote Valencia

Avda. de los Naranjos s/n, Valencia de Anco, 8 Show Map

Our Spanish school in Valencia offers you a modern building in the heart of the city's university district, freshly renovated... Learn more »

Enforex Alicante

Paseo de la Explanada de España, 15, Alicante, 8 Show Map

ENFOREX Alicante offers comfort and top-quality services for its students. Set directly on a beautiful promenade and surround... Learn more »

Enforex Barcelona

Diputación, 92, Barcelona, 8 Show Map

ENFOREX Barcelona is our biggest Spanish school. Located in the Eixample neighborhood, between Plaza Cataluña and Plaza Espa... Learn more »

Enforex Cadiz

Plaza Mentidero, 19, Cadiz, 8 Show Map

In our Spanish school in Cádiz you will find the perfect headquarters to carry out all your academic activities. With Wi-Fi ... Learn more »

Enforex Granada

Azhuma, 5, Granada, 8 Show Map

ENFOREX Granada is located in the lively, historical center of the city, right in the swing of things with restaurants and ba... Learn more »

Enforex Madrid

Baltasar Gracián, 4, Madrid, 8 Show Map

ENFOREX Madrid is our second largest school and has just been renovated; it has a glossy shine and brand new look. Located in... Learn more »

Enforex Malaga

Avenida Juan Sebastian Elcano 23, Malaga, 8 Show Map

At the Málaga Spanish school, we are dedicated to fostering a professional study atmosphere in a relaxed setting. The school... Learn more »

Enforex Marbella

Avd. Ricardo Soriano, 43, Marbella, 8 Show Map

ENFOREX Marbella is a unique center: the building itself is constructed around open air, sun drenched patios, which allows ou... Learn more »

Enforex Pamplona

Avd. Baja Navarra Nº47 , Pamplona, 8 Show Map

Our Spanish school in Pamplona is a magnificent setting to spend your educational vacation in Spain. We occupy the top floor ... Learn more »

Enforex Salamanca

Marquesa de Almarza, 1, Salamanca, 8 Show Map

ENFOREX Salamanca is located in the heart of the city, just five minutes from the Plaza Mayor. The building itself is a forme... Learn more »

Enforex Seville

Pastor y Landero, 35, Seville, 8 Show Map

Our school in Sevilla maintains the charm of southern Spain while utilizing the best audio-visual equipment & modern faciliti... Learn more »

Enforex Valencia

Paseo de Facultades, 3, Valencia de Aneo, 8 Show Map

ENFOREX Valencia is located in one of the city’s best neighborhoods, on Paseo de Facultades. It’s one of the most beautif... Learn more »


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