ACHELE - ACHELE Chilean Association of Schools of Spanish

ACHELE - ACHELE Chilean Association of Schools of Spanish
The Chilean Association of Schools of Spanish Teaching Foreign Language (ACHELE) was founded in 2010 with the intention of combining the efforts of the best schools in the sector, to regulate common activity, thus providing assurance to our customers and ensuring fair competition, fostering collaboration among its partners to achieve a permanent increase of students of Spanish in Chile.
What are our objectives?
Among the objectives set out in the statutes of the ACHELE should be noted:
• Represent the interests of its members and, in general, the professional community dedicated to Spanish language teaching in Chile, to all kinds of authorities and public and private organizations that are related to its objectives and the exercise of teaching of the Spanish language.
• Disseminate and promote Chile as ideal for the study of Spanish language and passing foreigners residing in Chile.
• Precautionary professional ethics of its members and, in general, develop codes of ethics and self-regulation and monitoring systems for the conduct of business.
• Mediate disputes between its members prior explicit consent of the parties.
• Ensure clients of the partner schools set high standards in the quality seal that all partners must meet.

List of schools

Alex test schooll

Rosellò, LOS MOLINOS, 8 Show Map

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Tandem Santiago - Escuela de idiomas Violeta Parra

Triana 853, Santiago de Chile, 39 Show Map

Spanish immersion courses, private or group tuition, different intensities, additional activities, excursions, Spanish for pr... Learn more »


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