This perfect opportunity to combine French language classes with a whole range of exciting activities, from cooking and wine tasting to surfing, tennis and more. All activities will be in your target language and include native speakers so it’s the perfect opportunity to practice your the language with the locals. These activities are designed to get you speaking, listening and actively practicing your desired language.

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What type of French courses plus activities are you looking for?

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This course combines an all-inclusive programme of on-site activities and excursions to major historical, cultural and fun attractions with a genera...

French Language and Culture Course is designed for students who want to learn, study and explore the French language.

If you want improve your French in a working environment and gain real life hands on knowledge of business sectors, this course is perfect for you.

Spend vacation together while refreshing your language skills; the perfect combination between a language holiday and a vacation with your family!

Combine two passions : French & Surf ! Improve and develop your French language skills and learn how to surf ! This programme combines Fren...

This programme combines French lessons with cooking experiences and supplies for the discovery, preparation and tasting of some of the world's b...

Popular destinations for French courses plus activities

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