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did deutsch-institut Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany

General German 20 lessons per week

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Standard Course
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09:00 - 12:30
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
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Levels: Pre-Intermediate - Level A2, Intermediate - Level B1, Upper Intermediate - Level B2, Advanced - Level C1, Proficient - Level C2

The Standard Course is also preparing for the diploma exams that are offered at did. No matter, if you intend to focus on passing an exam or if you rather plan your stay at did as part of a relaxing vacation experience – in any case, the Standard Course will guarantee you learning success at a high degree.
Course Content
The Standard Course focuses on learning and actively using language structures – this way the instruction is very much practice oriented. But what does this actually mean? Your teacher will assign you an active role while studying German and will draw you and your fellow students directly into his interactive instruction. We try to avoid that you just sit there passively, listening what the teacher is going to explain up front. Your teacher will help you studying the language by instructing you clearly and thus enabling you to develop and to explain grammatical rules and structures on your own and independently. Because only when you actively understand what you’ve learned you will also memorize and internalize it permanently!

In the Standard Course, German language will always be practiced and taught in context by using as far as possible authentic, everyday life language situations. This way you will study language in everyday, professional and university situations – after all, you study towards a well-defined goal and you want to focus on that from the very beginning. Through this practical orientation of the Standard Course, already after a very short time you will gain a solid linguistic basis for making yourself more familiar with the language and culture in Germany, with the country and its people. And this will be true for all areas of modern life, because our modern didactical approach will always concentrate on listening, reading, speaking and writing.
The Standard Course is the perfect choice for students who wish to discover Germany in the afternoons. Participants who want to go over the course topic once more on their own and at home should also decide for the Standard Course since school ends at 12:30 pm every day. The Standard Course is offered every week from Monday to Friday and classes begin at 9:00 am in the morning. Between 10:30 and 11:00 am there is a break and you’ll have plenty of time getting a refreshment in the cafeteria, checking your emails or chatting with your new friends. Sometimes, mostly during the summer months, when the institute is at maximum capacity, we also offer instruction – usually scheduled in the mornings – on some afternoons between 1:00 and 6:00 pm. Thus, you finally will have the opportunity to sleep in late!
The course focus on the training of grammatical structures and on familiarizing with everyday vocabulary. In the Standard Course, German language will always be practiced and taught in context by using as far as possible authentic, everyday life language situations.

did deutsch-institut Frankfurt

Großer Hasenpfad 1, Frankfurt, Germany

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  • did deutsch-institut Frankfurt
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  • did deutsch-institut Frankfurt

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General information: did deutsch-institut Frankfurt

Number of classrooms: 7

Average nº of student per classroom: 12

Minimum student age: 17

Level test on first day:

Distance from the airport: 13 km.

Closest airport: Frankfurt International Airport

Year school opened: 1970

School opening times: 8:30 - 18:00

School close dates: Show


After class/extra curricular seminars
Computer room
Cultural trips
Eating area
Fax service
Internet WIFI
Self study material
Snack machines
Social activities
Tea / Coffee

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Student information

•We are pleased that you have decided to book a language course at our institute. At our institute you will meet participants from all over the world, you will make many friends and you will learn German in a private and friendly setting. Upon your arrival at the did deutsch institut in Frankfurt you will receive a detailed Students’ Handbook. did deutsch institut was awarded the Study Travel Magazine Star Award 5 times and now enjoys the STM Super Star Status as first German Language School. You like discoveries and surprises? Then come to Frankfurt – a city that will astonish you in every respect. Because Frankfurt means contrasts, clichés and exaggerations. Of course Frankfurt is rich and elegant, busy and hectic

• it is the home of the German Stock Exchange and also the most important financial city in the Federal Republic! Skyscrapers everywhere, everything bright and shiny – America in the middle of Europe… Behind the glamorous skyline you will find many theatres, museums, galleries and… clubs! Do you want to dance all night in Moon13, the former


•famous Cocoon Club of DJ Sven Väth? Many clubbers come from Berlin and London for having fun here. You are better off! You are here already… Although Frankfurt has by far less inhabitants than Munich or Berlin, the Main

•metropolis is more international and cosmopolitan than any other German city. Maybe this has to do with the more than 50 million passengers frequenting Frankfurt airport every year or with the uncountable people visiting more than 40 international trade fairs? The reason could also be that many foreigners made Frankfurt their hometown: Frankfurt has 28% fellow citizens from abroad! These 170.000 newcomers are from 180 different countries. In the summertime you will notice how colorful this city is: During the Culture Parade groups from different ethnic backgrounds parade through the streets dancing in traditional costumes to ethnic music.

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Terms & Conditions: did deutsch-institut Frankfurt

- Services must be paid in full 30 days before the course starts in order to complete the enrolment and secure a place in the course and/or accommodation.
- Bookings are not transferable.
- Bank charges are payable by students

Cancellation policy

- The cancellation needs to be communicated in writing to the school by the person who booked the course.
- The deposit is non-refundable.
- There is no refund for any cancellation once the course has commenced.
- No tuition refunds are given for late arrivals, early departures or absences, for whatever reason, from classes during any course.
- If a student is absent for one or more weeks at a time, arrangements can be made for the course duration to be extended at no extra cost.

Refund policy

- Bookings may be cancelled up to 5 weeks prior to commencement of the course without penalty or fee.
- A cancellation fee of € 50 applies when a course is cancelled less than 4 week/s before the course commencement date.
- A cancellation fee of € 250 applies when a course is cancelled less than 3 week before course commencement date.

Visa refusal

- In case a visa is refused to the student, the school will charge 200 Euro and the remaining balance will be refunded to the student upon receipt of an original VISA refusal letter.

Other terms

Tuition is generally held in the mornings, classes may also be held in the afternoons, e.g. during the high season. Should classes coincide with the activity program or bank holidays, participants have no right of compensation for the missed activities. If the number of participants on one course level is under 4, did reserves the right to reduce the weekly lessons by 20%. Premium Courses are reduced to 26 lessons in case there are less than 4 participants attending the module.
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