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Founded by the professionals, the Agency for Promoting French as a Foreign Language - FLE - aims to deliver information to people from over the world, looking for French language courses in France. The Agency is in charge of The General Schools Directory and the French language professional website, created in 1996.

The Agency also welcomes teachers of French from all over the world in Paris at the Librairie pédagogique du FLE - FFL Educational Bookstore, where meetings, trainings and lectures are held throughout the year under the auspices of The École communautaire - Community School.


The Agency also offers its professional expertise to national and international organisations, to support the pedagogical integration of digital tools and resources related to the teaching of French.

List of schools

Alex test schooll

Rosellò, LOS MOLINOS, 8 Show Map

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed tincidunt neque sit amet ante cursus facilisis. Quisque laoreet ... Learn more »

Alpine French School

934 Route des Bois Venants, Morzine, 17 Show Map

-A quality language school in a unique location in the French Alps offering a range of General French and French + Activity C... Learn more »

Institut Linguistique Adenet

33 Grand Rue Jean Moulin, Montpellier, 17 Show Map

The Institute Linguistique Adenet is specialised in French as a foreign language. Located in a stunning private mansion house... Learn more »

Newdeal Institut de Français

74 avenue Thiers, Bordeaux, 17 Show Map

Newdeal is located in the elegant and bustling French city of Bordeaux, in Southwestern France. The school is sit blocks from... Learn more »

Planete Langues

Institut International de Rambouillet 48, rue G. Lenotre, Rambouillet, Paris, 17 Show Map

Planete Langues also known as Institut International de Rambouillet is a language school located in Rambouillet only 10 min... Learn more »


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