ialca - Italian Association of Language Consultants and Agents

ialca - Italian Association of Language Consultants and Agents

The Ialca, the Italian Association of Language Consultants and Agents (Italian Association of Language Consultants and Agents) was founded in 1997 with the aim of providing a useful point of reference in the wide range of language courses abroad.

A language course abroad is a particular product: it is not a package but a real educational experience. For this reason, in order to carefully choose a destination, a school or a particular type of course, it is good to rely on language consultants, professionals who have their own field of specialization courses of study abroad.

Each member of the Ialca is a language consultant who has made a commitment to ensure: accurate information about the courses; quality control of the schools; a high standard of efficiency of services offered, before, during and after the course.

All members Ialca undertake to maintain close working relationships with each other, despite their autonomy, and to share all the information about the courses and schools they can serve to provide a better service to the customer.

List of schools

International Language School STUDIOITALIA

Via Tibullo 16, Rome, 12 Show Map

STUDIOITALIA is an Italian language school for foreigners founded in 1985. For the last 25 years it has been one of the most ... Learn more »


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