Language Bookings offer a fantastic opportunity to learn a language in a safe, fun and international environment during the summer or throughout the year. Your first language adventure starts here!
These programmes, available for children and teenagers, provide a really valuable insight into foreign language, culture, customs and cuisine. They also offer students the chance to make friendships with youngsters from all over the world, and to gain a renewed incentive to practise the language back home - and hopefully breeze through the exams!
We understand that kids like to have fun, we also know how important a knowledge of a second language is for a kids’ future. For these reasons, we have selected language courses for kids and teens so that they are fun, lively and engaging while being noticeably effective at the same time. We want to make sure our young learners go home with an improved confidence in their language ability while also having felt like they’ve had a fun holiday away.
All of our language schools offer a varied leisure program. Depending on the school this might include sports and games, like soccer, tennis, basketball or watersport, discos or cultural excursions to interesting cities. 
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