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Super Intensive 30

Eurocentres Malta, Msida, Malta

English Exam Preparation 30 lessons per week

Course title
Super Intensive 30
Course hours
09:00 - 14:30
Days of the course
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
School admin. fee
€20.00 tooltip
Lesson duration
Course certificate
Minimum age
Average number of students
Course materials
€70.00 Mandatory and not included tooltip

Levels: Beginner, Elementary - Level A1, Pre-Intermediate - Level A2, Intermediate - Level B1, Upper Intermediate - Level B2, Advanced - Level C1, Proficient - Level C2

Why choose the Super Intensive 30, IELTS Course?

This course is especially suitable for students who would like to get the most out of their English course in the shortest possible time, and so it is recommended for those who are coming for short periods. This programme will enable you to further practise your language skills, especially speaking and writing. There will also be an opportunity to work on any difficulties or issues with grammar and pronunciation.

You get 22.5 hours of lesson time a week, and we have specifically designed this course to make sure that all 4 main skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) are adequately covered, revised, practised and improved upon. This is essentially a basic course with an added 10 lessons that focus on your English needs. This helps with achieving a higher level of fluency faster and a more in-depth study of the language.

The Classes

We believe in giving students as much attention as possible so classes are generally limited to 12 students per class. This means you get more time and more opportunities to practise and have your say in general. What is more, we get students from all over so in any of our classes you will find a healthy nationality mix that allows you to get the most out of your speaking practise in English!

The Lessons

This programme contains the core general language lessons, which add up to twenty lessons per week. However, you also get an extra 10 specialised lessons per week to deepen your knowledge of the language and develop your confidence, making it a total of 30 lessons weekly.

This programme is a step in the right direction for better learning success. Each Friday, during the review lesson, you will have the opportunity to look back over the week and make suggestions for the following week.

Your Course Teachers

Your main class teacher carefully plans a balanced, fully integrated, varied programme based on your learning needs. The 10 specialised lessons per week are taught by your second teacher, who liaises closely with your class teacher in implementing the weekly plan. This approach ensures a goal-oriented learning programme for both long and short-term students.

Included in the course
• A new, personalised, online learning platform my.Eurocentres
• A completely refurbished building dedicated to learning English
• A choice of courses ranging from 1 week to 1 year
• A personal study plan to ensure fast progression
• A great mix of nationalities
• Free Wi-Fi

Eurocentres Malta

29, Victor Denaro Street, Msida, Malta

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Facilities 70%
Location 100%
Fun 70%
Teaching 70%

Individual student reviews about Eurocentres Malta

4 reviews

General information: Eurocentres Malta

Number of classrooms: 8 with an adjacent annex during peak season

Average nº of student per classroom: 7

Minimum student age: 6

Level test on first day:

Distance from the airport: 8.8 km km.

Closest airport: Malta International Airport, Luqa

Year school opened: 2004

School opening times: 8:30 - 17:00

School close dates: Show


Audio learning
Computer room
Cultural trips
Disabled facilities
Eating area
Free internet access
Internet WIFI
Printing service
Self study material
Social activities
Student room
Study room
Tea / Coffee
Television room

Accreditations and quality seals

Student information

•All lessons at Eurocentres Malta are conducted by a dedicated team of professional and dynamic teachers. Our teachers are native speakers, fully qualified and specially trained to teach English as a second language. Students undertaking a programme at our school will not only have access to our innovative learning curriculum, but they can also participate in our exciting activity and leisure programme that is tailored to combine education, entertainment and fun. Malta is the perfect setting for English language learning, and we can guarantee our students a truly memorable experience. Both our academic and non

•academic staff are available at the school to assist you with your daily needs, as well as with any academic problems that you may have. Should you have any issues or require advice about flight tickets, visa, host families, the level of your class or even about applying for a course at the University of Malta, our team is always readily available for you.

Course unavailable!

This course is unavailable, if you want find other English courses go to English courses

Terms & Conditions: Eurocentres Malta

- Services must be paid in full 30 days before the course starts in order to complete the enrolment and secure a place in the course and/or accommodation.
- Bookings are not transferable.
- Bank charges are payable by students

Cancellation policy

- The cancellation needs to be communicated in writing to the school by the person who booked the course.
- The deposit is non-refundable.
- Enrolment fee is non-refundable.
- The registration fee is non-refundable.
- Accommodation booking fee is non-refundable.
- No refund will be made for shortening the course duration after the payment.
- There is no refund for any cancellation once the course has commenced.
- After a course has started there is no refund for any accommodation or other item booked.
- No tuition refunds are given for late arrivals, early departures or absences, for whatever reason, from classes during any course.

Refund policy

- Bookings may be cancelled up to 2 weeks prior to commencement of the course without penalty or fee

Visa refusal

- In case a visa is refused to the student, the school will charge 250 Euro and the remaining balance will be refunded to the student upon receipt of an original VISA refusal letter.

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