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Schools in Rome

Best language schools in Rome

CLI Dante Alighieri Roma
CLI Dante Alighieri Roma
The Rome Language Centre of the Dante Alighieri group was formed in 1981 and specialises in teaching Italian language and culture to students from all over the world. The Italian Ministry of Education also recognizes the school’s high calibre instruction. It is open all year-round. The Rome centre is housed in a stylish turn of the century building, at 1 Piazza Bologna. It is within easy reach of the city centre and all other areas, amply served by Underground Line B and many bus routes.
A.S.I.L.S Eduitalia
Courses from €42.19
Torre di Babele
Torre di Babele
The Italian language school, "Torre di Babele", is officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education and has been in operation since 1984, offering Italian language courses in Italy for students from all over the world as well as training courses for teachers of Italian for foreigners in Rome. The school is also one of the founding members of the Association of Italian Language Schools in Italy, A.S.I.L.S. (Associazione delle Scuole di Italiano come Lingua Seconda).
Courses from €103.91
International Language School STUDIOITALIA
International Language School STUDIOITALIA
STUDIOITALIA is an Italian language school for foreigners founded in 1985. For the last 25 years it has been one of the most important Italian language teaching centers in Rome. Every year we receive a significant number of students from all over the world, who need to improve their Italian communication skills, prepare themselves for the international language certification exams and university exams, participate in the Internship program or just start studying Italian from the beginning.
ALTO Italian in Italy
Courses from €86.54
Dilit International House
Dilit International House
Dilit (Divulgazione Lingua Italiana), established in 1974, was one of the first language schools in Italy to teach Italian as a Foreign Language and has established itself as one of the most prestigious Italian Language Schools in the country today. Apart from its Italian Language Courses, Dilit International House is also well-known and appreciated in Italy and abroad for its Teacher Education Courses for Teachers of Italian and the publication of course books.
Courses from €105.47
Scuola Romit
Scuola Romit
ROMIT is a school in Rome specialized in teaching Italian to foreigners coming from all over the world. It is based at a lovely ancient building in the beautiful, central and typical neighborhood “rione Monti”. Our school has been set up by young teachers with several years of experience in teaching for foreigners and who have made of this job their main passion. You will learn not only the language, but also the culture, traditions and you will live the Italian and Roman daily life.
Courses from €114.08
Kappa Language School
Kappa Language School
OUR SCHOOL Kappa Language School is a newly founded Italian Language School based in Rome, in the Colosseum area, offical PLIDA Certification Centre and member of the Dante Alighieri Society network. The School was created in 2010 to promote Italian culture and language among foreigners.The School arranges Italian Language Courses, Italian Language Tutoring, Private Lessons, Cultural Events, Guided Tours and Study Holydays. Kappa offers a variety of Italian Language Courses: Standard Italian Language Courses for all levels to attain PLIDA Certification, Intensive Italian Language Courses and Specialized Italian Language Courses. In a friendly environment, with young, motivated and skilled teachers, at moderate prices, Kappa Language School it's the best option for you to study abroad in Rome and learn Italian Language. A true Italian experience!
Courses from €59.85
Koiné - Italian Language Centre
Koiné - Italian Language Centre
Koiné - Italian Language Centre in Rome provides: - Standard & Intensive Italian Courses - One – on – One lessons - Italian classes at Home - Corporate Tutoring/Italian classes at your Workplace - Online Italian tuition - Italian Summer School - Translation Service Extra activities: - Italian cooking Courses - Business Italian - Italian for Arts - Aperitifs + Language Exchange events
CELI Italian in Italy
Courses from €98.66

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Are you looking for Italian language schools in Rome or a Italian summer school in Rome? How about study Italian in Rome or language courses for adults in Rome? Whatever type of Italian course you are looking for, will help you find it—and at the lowest possible price!

Browse over many Italian schools in many locations in Rome until you find the Italian course and school that is right for you. We make it easy to find discount prices at the most popular schools in Rome and we provide detailed school information, photos, videos and students reviews for a great variety of Italian schools in Rome. Choose for all your courses reservations, and see why more and more students are choosing us to study Italian language in Rome!




Why should you consider studying at a language school in Rome?

Deciding to study at a language school in Rome can give you the chance to attend the best school that this Italy could offer you. Rome is the ever famous city in Italy which is also the city’s capital. With over 2.7 million people residing at this city, it is amazing how Italy’s busiest place can also be where the word’s holy city is located at.

Being the capital of the Roman Empire, Romans are used to welcoming foreigners to come to their place to learn more. Throughout the history, Rome is also considered as Italy’s greatest academic hub. When you choose to go to a language school at Rome, you will provide yourself with quality education that will give you your money’s worth.

Not only that, as you attend a language school in Rome you will have the chance to live and be a part of the place where the greatest civilization has emerged and dominated the world for sometime in our history. If you are a Roman Catholic, you can also see the residence of the Holy Pope in the Vatican City.







Explore Rome While You Study in a Italian Language School

Language School in RomeWhen you choose to study in a language school in Rome, you can also have the time to explore this great Italian city. First on the list is the Roman Coliseum. Stand in awe in this ancient architectural wonder that has been the setting of history’s greatest feats. It is also the first amphitheaters in Rome that was built.

Another spot that you could visit during your stay to study in a language school in Rome is the Sistine Chapel. This was built under the supervision of Pope Sixtus IV della Rovere. The chapel was completed in the year 1484 and was named after Pope Sixtus IV. The Sistine Chapel is famous for its frescoes that surround the interior of the chapel.

It also contains the greatest works of famous Italian architects like Michaelangelo and Raphael. You can learn more about Rome’s history and architecture when you study at a language school in Rome.

Another tourist spot that you can visit while you study at a language school in Rome is the Vatican Museums. This is located inside the Vatican City and these public museums are used to hold thousands of expensive works of art that is owned by the Roman Catholic Church. The museums are visited by millions of tourists every year who were amazed by the staggering collection of pieces that proves man’s creativity. Studying at a language school in Rome can also give you the chance to visit more museums and art galleries in this place.

If you want to feel like you are indeed a part of the Roman society, then you should go to the St. Peter’s Square. A student who studies in a language school in Rome will greatly appreciate all the marvelous sights in St. Peter Squares but what makes this place exceptional is the diversity of the crowd that gathers in it. Here, you can commune with the people from all parts of the world that, just like you, are awed by the splendid things that they are seeing. This is what you can get by going to a good language school in Rome.

Studying in Rome can give you a once in a lifetime experience and you should not let it pass you by. Learn a lot of things in a language school in Rome and feel the academic excellence for which this place is famous for.




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