Part time Spanish courses in Mexico

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LanguageBookings offer a selection of high quality part time courses Spanish courses in Mexico. Part time Spanish language students still benefit from the range of classes, level and class size on offer to full time students; but choose to study less hours per week during their stay in Mexico. You can do these part time courses in the mornings, afternoons or evenings so you can brush up your Spanish skills and after that students will have the rest of the day to explore the city, work, study, or relax in Mexico.  

Plateros Spanish School, Guanajuato Capital, Mexico
Spanish One to One 10 lessons per week
Private sessions and one-on-one tutoring will help students perfect their grammar and vocabulary through speaking directly with a native...
Course + Accommodation in Host Family from €244.70 See + 3 accommodation options More options
  • Host Family
    from €244.70 per week
  • Host Family
    from €253.33 per week
  • Host Family
    from €270.59 per week
Spanish Center Merida, Merida, Mexico
Spanish One to One 10 lessons per week
School admin. fee included
This courses is designed to help students improve their Spanish focusing on the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. As...
Course + Accommodation in Studio apartament from €193.11 See + 5 accommodation options More options
  • Studio apartament
    from €193.11 per week
  • Residence
    from €196.19 per week
  • Studio apartament
    from €257.06 per week
  • Host Family
    from €257.83 per week
  • Hostel
    from €267.08 per week

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