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Learn Chinese Mandarin near Dublin

The Chinese Mandarin courses in Dublin are a fast and enjoyable way to learn your new language, however we don't have available course now but we can show you nearby schools.
Our selection of Chinese Mandarin language courses near Dublin give excellent results as well as ensuring that each student has an enjoyable learning experience. All Chinese Mandarin courses near Dublin  are run by one experienced trainers who will have you speaking your new language from the very first lesson!
LanguageBookings offers comprehensive Chinese Mandarin clasess in Dublin aimed at developing the students’ ability to understand, speak, read and write in Chinese Mandarin. All our Chinese Mandarin partners schools near Dublin provide top-quality teachers, small class sizes, special focus on spoken language, great value-for-money courses, flexibility, and a very personal service. 
Chinese Mandarin language courses are offered for beginner to advanced level students. Teachers are qualified and experienced Chinese Mandarin speakers, and each lesson will be customised to suit your individual needs, enabling you to progress much more quickly than in the traditional classroom environment in Dublin. Focusing on the development of speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities, lessons will follow a diverse range of topics from family, culture, leisure, and work. Grammatical bases will be well covered enough to allow students to converse freely about the past, present and future, without getting too tense. 
Our Chinese Mandarin language courses are suitable for secondary school students preparing for exams; university or college students who need extra help with their language studies or business people in Dublin. Whether for business or for pleasure, we provide our students with focused, productive and highly enjoyable programmes at our Chinese Mandarin language schools near Dublin. 

Schools near Dublin

C.E.N.A. - Centro de Estudios y Negocios Asiáticos
The Asian Studies and Business Center was founded in 1998, is aimed at an international school teaching all di ... Learn more
Courses from €420.00
LTL Mandarin School - Beijing
LTL Mandarin School was started by foreigners who are united by a passion for studying, learning, teaching and ... Learn more
Courses from €287.58
Mandarin Zone School
Mandarin Zone School provides effective Chinese language training as well as other culture related service to ... Learn more
Courses from €451.66
Omeida Chinese Academy
For those looking to study Chinese in China, Omeida Chinese Academy offers students a bridge into the dynamic, ... Learn more
Courses from €391.44

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